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Poetry X Articles

Essays, interviews, reviews, guided tours, and poetry analysis.

Guided Poetry Tours

Guided Poetry Tours provide an orderly path through the large archive of poems and articles that are available on Poetry X. Look for more tours on various genres, themes, and styles coming soon.

Series: Guided Poetry Tours »

American Life in Poetry

U. S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser's column featuring a brief look at a contemporary American poem each week.

Series: American Life in Poetry »

On Poetry

Essays on reading poetry, and the state of poetry today.

Series: On Poetry »

The Art of Writing Poetry

This series takes a look at the process of writing poetry, techniques that poets use, ways to get started, tips and tricks, and anything else associated with the writing life.

Series: The Art of Writing Poetry »

How To…

The Poetry X "How-To" series offers instructional articles about how to read, memorize, analyze, perform, and understand poetry, in simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Series: How To… »


Literary essays, memoirs, news stories, non-fiction pieces, editorials, and other material presented in this cavalcade of poetry-related writing.

Series: Feuilleton »

Inside The Poem

These articles take a look at a single poem - included are analyses, personal insights, anecdotes, and historical information.

Series: Inside The Poem »

On Poets

Articles about poets, examinations of their poems, and biographical information.

Series: On Poets »

Book Reviews

Reviews of books of poetry, books about poetry, and other books.

Series: Book Reviews »

Canonical Essays

Classic essays representing the history of the poetical and critical "canon" - these essays are required reading for anyone who is seriously interested in poetry.

Series: Canonical Essays »

Letters To A Young Poet

Young poet Franz Xaver Kappus wrote to Rainer Maria Rilke in early 1903. To his delight and surprise, the poet wrote back to him. They continued a correspondence that lasted for nearly six years. Below are ten letters that Rilke wrote to Kappus, advising the young poet on poetry and life.

Series: Letters To A Young Poet »

Poetry X Site Information

Information about Poetry X, Frequently Asked Questions, Submission Guidelines, and How to Contact Us.

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