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Poetry Xtras » "As If A Lantern In Love Led" by Amy King

Poetry Xtras provide brief commentaries, cultural & literary sign posts, or anecdotes about poems featured on Poetry X, written by the poet or a critic expert in the poem.

I made a few notes on the ups and downs of loving and on the overlooked details we notice while under love's influence. Love is an action as well as an altered-state of awareness. The beloved occupies our attention when present, and while in absence our thoughts tend to focus on the person, our altered-states also infuse the rest of the world with new possibility. Hope allows us to lose sense of the impossible so that doors can open and new meanings may take shape. After all, love now exists and is no longer simply a romantic ghost, so other truths might appear as well. I used those notes to trace briefly what else a lantern in love might illuminate.
—Amy King

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