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Within And Without: A Dramatic Poem: Intro

George MacDonald

What life it is, and how that all these lives do gather—
  With outward maker’s force, or like an inward father.


Written December and January, 1850-51.


  Receive thine own; for I and it are thine.
  Thou know’st its story; how for forty days—
  Weary with sickness and with social haze,
  (After thy hands and lips with love divine
  Had somewhat soothed me, made the glory shine,
  Though with a watery lustre,) more delays
  Of blessedness forbid—I took my ways
  Into a solitude, Invention’s mine;
  There thought and wrote, afar, and yet with thee.
  Those days gone past, I came, and brought a book;
  My child, developed since in limb and look.
  It came in shining vapours from the sea,
  And in thy stead sung low sweet songs to me,
  When the red life-blood labour would not brook.

                   May, 1855.
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From The Poetical Works of George MacDonald | 1893
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