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Christmas Bells

Hattie Howard

Ring out, O bells, in joyful chime!
  Again we hail the Christmas time;
In melting, mellow atmosphere,
  The crown and glory of the year.

When bitterness, distrust, and awe
  Dissolve, like ice in winter’s thaw,
Beneath the genial touches of
  Amenity, good will, and love.

When flowers of affection grow,
  Like edelweiss mid alpine snow,
In lives severe and beautiless,
  Unused to warmth or tenderness.

Let goodness, grace, and gratitude
  Revive in music’s interlude,
And paean notes, till time shall cease,
  Proclaim the blessed reign of peace.

Ring, Christmas bells! for at the sound
  Sweet memories of Him abound
Who laid aside a diadem
  To be the babe of Bethlehem.
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From Poems | Hartford Press, 1904
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