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S. K. Kelen

Bugsa Bunny you’re the sanest man
in all Italia last hope for risorgimento
singing Santa Lucia in the barber shop
glorious ears twitching your gondola
the only golden one in Venice
carving new canals infuriating
a city of inflated shopkeepers.
Sylvester, leaving paw prints on tourist
maps living a chase without travellers cheques
perhaps Europe’s last sportsman then one last
swing further than Tarzan across Canal Grande
220,000 tourist eyes blinded by your tail

And Bugs, Sylvester never heroes
of a World Cup victory no pizza or basilica
ever dedicated to you saints of my sanity
for years and years you were art
and life’s all about more real
than any fresco

Alive, when the city of art, the world’s heart
ancient Disneyland contracted out
to pros and cons, its own bankruptcy
totally unanimated cartoon.  Sylvester if only you
had written I’d have sent you the can opener.
© S. K. Kelen. All rights reserved.
From Atomic Ballet | Hale & Iremonger, 1991
Reprinted by permission of the author.
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