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Robert Service

Three Holies sat in sacred place
          And quaffed celestial wine,
As they discussed the human race
          With dignity divine.
Said they: ‘Although in doctrine we
          May differ more or less,
In spirit stoutly we agree
          Religion’s a success.’

Said One: ‘I praise the pride of war,
          The Faith that mocks at fear;
Desire of death in battle for
          It bringeth Heaven near.’
The Second said: ‘’Tis Peace I preach,
          And hate of human strife;
The sufferance of pain I teach,
          The sanctity of life.’

Then said the Third: ‘Love I proclaim
          The goal of human good . . .
Yet are we not all three the same
          In holy brotherhood?’
And so they went forth hand in hand,
          Wending a starry way,—
Mohamet, gentle Buddha and
          He of Gethsemenè.
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From Rhymes for My Rags
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