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Biography of Clinton Scollard

American Poet (1860—1932)

Photo of Clinton Scollard

Born at Clinton, New York, September 18, 1860. Graduated at Hamilton College in 1881. He afterwards studied at Harvard University and at Cambridge, England. He was Professor of English Literature at Hamilton College, 1888-96. Mr. Scollard has been a voluminous writer, and we must content ourselves with listing his more important books. His first volume was "Pictures in Song", 1884, followed by: "With Reed and Lyre", 1888; "Old and New World Lyrics", 1888; "Songs of Sunrise Lands", 1892; "The Hills of Song", 1895; "The Lutes of Morn", 1901; "Lyrics of the Dawn", 1902; "The Lyric Bough", 1904; "Chords of the Zither", 1910; "Sprays of Shamrock", 1914; "Poems", a selection from his complete work, 1914; "Italy in Arms", 1915; "The Vale of Shadows", 1915; "Ballads, Patriotic and Romantic", 1916.

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