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Guided Poetry Tours

Guided Poetry Tours provide an orderly path through the large archive of poems and articles that are available on Poetry X. Look for more tours on various genres, themes, and styles coming soon.

  • Irish Poetry
    by Jough Dempsey - 17 March 2005
    Follow our tour of Irish poets, critics, and other articles about Irish poets.
  • Love Poems
    by Jough Dempsey - 14 February 2005
    This Guided Poetry Tour contains poems about love, poems to a loved one, poems about a loved one, romantic fancies, sexual overtures, valentines, and poems of parting, or of being separated from one’s lover…
  • Holiday Poems
    by Jough Dempsey - 6 December 2004
    In order to showcase the holiday poems, carols, hymns, and songs that are available on Poetry X we have prepared this guide to walk you through our winter wonderland of poetry.

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