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The Story of Poetry X

by Poetry X Staff

Last Updated: 1 February 2005

Poetry X is a web site devoted to increasing the public’s readership and appreciation of poetry via the Internet. PoetryX.com is owned and operated by poet, critic, and raconteur Jough Dempsey, who receives much guidance and assistance from a number of generous people online.


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Poetry X Site Features

Some features of Poetry X include:

  • Poetry Archives: the poetry archives contain poems from the classic to contemporary. The poetry archives are the oldest section of the site (and the reason for making a poetry-related web site) and have been online in one form or another since 1996.

    Every poem in the Poetry X archives appears with permission of the poet, publisher, or copyright holder. Please do not ask us how to contact a poet or publisher to acquire permissions. Contact the U.S. Library of Congress if you want to publish poetry on your web site or other publication.

  • Articles: the articles on Poetry X include a series on writing poems, information about particular poems and poets, articles about the business of poetry, publishing, and society, canonical essays written way-back-when, and all other writing and criticism that didn&#