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Poetry X Syndication Feeds

A look at our syndication feeds and what may be done with them.

For your subscribing pleasure Poetry X offers our syndication feeds in multiple formats. Keep reading this page if you have no idea what “feeds” are or how to use them.


Poetry X News

Keep track of every major update on Poetry X by subscribing to our news updates. Select the format that works best for your feed reader:

  • RSS 2.0 Feed RSS 2.0 (pick this one if you're not sure which to use)
  • RSS 1.0 Feed RDF/RSS 1.0
  • Atom 0.3 Feed Atom 0.3

Need a format that isn’t listed here? Contact us and let us know. We’ll do what we can to make a feed format available to you.

Poetry X Radio - Podcasts

Keep up to date with Poetry X's podcasts by subscribing to our syndication feeds. You have three options to get our weekly podcasts:

  • Poetry X Radio - Podcast RSS Feed
  • Poetry X Radio - Subscribe to our Podcast via iTunes
  • >
  • Poetry X Radio - Odeo Channel

You can also download episodes in MP3 format by visiting the Poetry X Radio page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Syndication Feeds

What are ‘Syndication Feeds’?

Syndication feeds are subscriptions to news and updates from a web site. You can view various sites’ feeds in a single news aggregator (also called a “feed reader” or a “news reader”) and see at a glance which of your favourite web sites have been updated. If so, you can click on a link and visit the site to read more.

Why would I read a feed rather than just visiting Poetry X or subscribing to your newsletter?

Subscribing to our syndication feed means that you know when Poetry X (and other sites you visit that offer feeds, and most sites do) has been updated. While our feeds don’t contain any content that isn’t also found on our web site, by adding our feed to your feed reader you can see announcements as they’re added. Our newsletter also provides updates about Poetry X, but less frequently, and via e-mail.

How do I subscribe to the feeds?

Subscribing to a feed varies depending on what feed reader you use, but usually you can just click on one of the little orange buttons that says "RSS," "XML," or "Atom."

What’s the difference between XML, RSS, RDF, Atom, etc.?

Each of those confusing names is just a different format for subscribing to a feed. All of our feed formats contain (mostly) the same information. We provide the same syndication feed in multiple formats so that no matter what feed reader you use you’ll be able to read at least one of our feeds.

Why are there so many choices?

Syndication feeds are still fairly new on the web, and different organizations have created different formats for making feeds. Since different feed readers support different feed formats, we provide multiple feed formats so you can choose the format that best suits your needs. Most feed readers will understand multiple formats.

So which feed should I use?

When in doubt, select the "RSS 2.0" feed. It’s compatible with the most feed readers.

Did people really ask these questions?


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