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The Poetry X "How-To" series offers instructional articles about how to read, memorize, analyze, perform, and understand poetry, in simple and easy-to-follow steps.

  • How to Win at Poetry Workshops
    by Jough Dempsey - 12 September 2005
    A poetry workshop survival guide, teaching you guerrila critiquing tactics so you can impress your friends, crush your competitors, and not get sand kicked in your face.
  • How to Recite a Poem
    by Jough Dempsey - 9 February 2004
    This How-To guide will provide you with tips to enhance your poetry performance skills.
  • How to Memorize a Poem
    by Jough Dempsey - 9 February 2004
    A Poetry X How-To guide that will teach you how to memorize a poem for recitation or enjoyment.

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