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On Poets

Articles about poets, examinations of their poems, and biographical information.

  • Memoir Of Edgar Allan Poe
    by John H. Ingram - 1875
    Among his schoolfellows he appears to have acquired some little reputation as a writer of satirical verses; but of his poetry, of that which, as he declared, had been with him “not a purpose, but a passion,” he probably preserved the secret, especially as we know that at his adoptive home poesy was a forbidden thing…
  • Frank O’Hara: Nothing Personal
    by Elaine Equi - 7 September 2004
    …it seemed a given that O’Hara would soon become a major poet of the stature of Williams and Stevens. So pervasive was his influence, so in-the-air were his ideas, that it was almost not even necessary to actually read Frank O’Hara in order to pick up his style…
  • Frank O’Hara: More Than One Dimension
    by Laura Balzano - 7 September 2004
    …his words do not live in the two-dimensional space of the page, or even the two-dimensional space of sensible thought, instead they live in a multi-dimensional space of the reeling mind…
  • Introduction to James A. Emanuel
    by Jean Migrenne - May 2002
    A short introduction to James A. Emanuel, the man and his work, by Jean Migrenne, his French translator.

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