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The Art of Writing Poetry

This series takes a look at the process of writing poetry, techniques that poets use, ways to get started, tips and tricks, and anything else associated with the writing life.

  • Voices In My Head
    by Jough Dempsey - March 2003
    Part Four: “The Internal Censor,” more tips and tricks, and some questions to ask yourself as you write and revise.
  • Not As I Do
    by Jough Dempsey - 30 June 2002
    Part Three: Some quick “do’s” and “don’ts,” avoiding cliché, and how to keep your poems effective without being cheesy.
  • Not With A Bang, But A Whimper
    by Jough Dempsey - 14 April 2002
    Part Two: Some things to keep in mind while writing a poem, practical tips, the “shape” of a poem, and poetic forumla.
  • How Hard Could It Be?
    by Jough Dempsey - 24 March 2002
    Part One: An examination of the process of writing poetry, some words of warning, and ideas about how to get started.
  • What The Hell Is Poetry?
    by Jough Dempsey - 21 February 2002
    New to poetry? This article gives a very brief and utterly incomplete introduction to what it is that makes something a poem.

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