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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

by Poetry X Staff

Last Updated: 1 February 2005

Handy Contents of Questions which are Frequently Asked:

Why is the site called “Poetry X”?

While we were deciding on a domain name and brand for the new site we wanted the word “poetry” to be included in the site title. We made a list that looked a bit like:

poetry __________
poetry analysis
poetry forums
poetry archives
poetry texts
poetry essays

poetry X

We wanted the site name to be as easy to spell and remember, as brief as possible, not limit the site to a certain aspect of poetry study, and to be hip and mysterious. Poetry X fit the bill.

Why is [a poem, poet, etc.] featured on Plagiarist.com but not on Poetry X?

There are generally three reasons why a poem may appear on one site but not the other, from most likely to least likely:

  1. We haven’t had a chance to re-edit the poems for the new site yet.
  2. The poet, agency, or estate has either refused or has not yet granted us permission to re-print the works.
  3. Poetry X is a bit more selective about the poems that we choose to include.

How often is Poetry X updated?

Poetry X is updated at least once a week, with major content available every Monday morning.

Why wasn’t my question included in your FAQ page?

It probably wasn’t asked frequently enough (and by “frequently”, we mean by a multitude of different people - not the same question from you submitted one thousand times).

If your question is missing from this page, and you need answers, contact us, and maybe someday your question will be included on this page!

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