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Biography of Roland John

English Poet (1940—Present)

Photo of Roland John

Poet, publisher, and editor Roland John founded the Hippopotamus Press, a small poetry imprint specialising in first full collections.

He has published a number of books and pamphlets. His own volumes of verse include Believing Words are Real (Agenda Editions, 1985) and To Weigh Alternatives (Headland, 1995). He is particularly interested in the work of Ezra Pound and apart from a number of essays he has also published A Beginner's Guide to the Cantos of Ezra Pound (University of Salzburg Press, 1995). His poetry, translations, essays, criticism, book reviews have appeared in most UK journals and in several US and Australian ones.

John left London 14 years ago to live in the country in order to walk three lurcher dogs through the woods and across the many streams of rural Somerset, England.

A new verse collection A Lament for England and other poems is due from bluechrome in 2005.

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