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We've added some XML syndication feeds this week. So far we've added a feed for our news items (like this very item) but in the coming week we'll add one for new poets, articles, etc. [Full Story]
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Poetry Contest! The Poetry X Prize for Poetry

By popular demand, we are pleased to offer our first poetry contest. The Poetry X Prize for Poetry offers $100 and publication on Poetry X for the best previously unpublished original poem. [Full Story]
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Two New Themes: Desk Set & Prestige

LOTS of new poems added this week - and we'll be back with more next week and every week throughout the Fall as we press towards our goal of over 10,000 poems by the end of the year.

Also added are two new themes or skins for the site, which you can change using the "Customize" feature in the main navigation.

"Desk Set" features desk stationary a lined paper background, and hand-drawn titles. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Also added this week is the "Prestige" theme which moves the side bars to the left, in a handy fixed width.

Next week we'll be back with more new poems, as well as the launch of our first Poetry Contest!

-- Jough
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This week's mini-feature is on the beloved yet misunderstood form of poetry: the limerick.

We are pleased to present an article outlining some features of the limerick, "There Once Was Some Verse From Nantucket: A Look At The Limerick", as well as a number of limericks for you to read and enjoy:

» Limericks on Poetry X

We've also added a number of other poems by Edward Lear as well as a number of poems by D. H. Lawrence, which includes his first two volumes of poetry in their entirety (as well as other poems).

PLUS, we'll be adding new themes too.

Did anyone catch that Star Wars documentary on A&E tonight? Man, those samples of the cleaned-up films look great. Can't wait for the DVDs.

Okay, enough chit-chat. See you next Monday.

-- Jough
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Frank O’Hara Article Feature

In our commitment to enlarging our original articles section, we are pleased to present our first "mini-feature" of several articles dedicated to a single poet, genre, theme, etc.

Our September mini-feature is on New York School poet Frank O'Hara.

The articles range from a student essay by Laura Balzano, a personal experience with O'Hara's poetry from Elaine Equi, to an academic (yet still enjoyable) essay by Mark Tursi.

Read more:More on the way next week. Also, check out the Poetry Archive for another 500+ new poems.

I hope everyone is adjusting to getting back to school and work.


Jough Dempsey

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