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Poetry X 2.0!

Poetry X version 2.0 goes live today!

Thanks to the input from thousands of visitors we have retrofited the site to suit our readers' needs.

With a slick new interface, cleaner navigation and new features, like our exclusive Poetry Xtras, Poetry X is striving to be the best poetry site on the internet.

To celebrate the re-design we've also more than doubled the poetry archive, adding over 3,000 new poems, with many more on the way!

The discussion forums are jumping, thanks to the addition of moderator Michael McCarthy, who is helping to make the Poetry X community flow more smoothly and provide a better experience for everyone involved in the forums.

While we've attempted to test the new site changes in as many browsers and operating systems as possible, some errors still may have slipped by us.

If so, please contact us and we'll do our best to rectify the situation.

More poems, new articles in our "The Art of Writing Poetry" series, as well as other articles, Poetry Xtras, and a new site section regarding publishing your poetry are all in the works throughout the Fall.

Stay tuned for more, and also please note our regular update schedule, which will add new content every Sunday night.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the re-design. We could not have done it without you!

Jough Dempsey, Editor
Poetry X
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Jared Carter Poetry - Updates

We are pleased to announce that Poetry X contributor Jared Carter has updated his official web site at JaredCarter.com.

Poetry X's own Jough Dempsey coördinated the re-design, which added new poems, stories, artwork, interviews, and essays to Jared Carter's already sizeable and informative site.

Congratulations, Jared, on your updates!
Permanant Link 22 Aug 2004 6:16 AM] Go

Poetry X Redesign Imminent

It's hard to believe that we began development on Poetry X over a year ago already!

Support for the site has been wonderful, and now that we have some lazy hazy summer time to work on the site, we'll be redesigning the site (as we did our sister site, Plagiarist.com, in the Spring.

Please contact us to let us know what we shouldn't change, or to request a feature that isn't present on the site. It's democracy in action!
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Poetry X wins “Talking Hands” Award

Talking Hands Award Poetry X is the proud recipient of the Talking Hands Award. This award is given to web sites "who through their creative excellence provide a web site which teaches, contains teaching elements in sufficient detail, and otherwise leaves a visitor with something of significant value after returning to their normal daily activities."

Visit the page to see the other award winners.

Thank you, Talking Hands, for this honour.
Permanant Link 8 Jun 2004 4:34 PM] Go

Free at Last

Hey kids,

As of 27 February 2004, Poetry X is now completely free. All previous members-only Premium content has been opened-up to the entire Internet.

Poetry X members will be able to use their logins still to not display the advertisements if they choose, and members will also be able to save poems to their favourites lists, post and request analyses, etc.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over these past months.

For a candid look at the site's building, trials, and tribulations, you can read my development log (link below).


-- Jough Dempsey, Editor
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