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Erin Go Bragh!

Irish Poetry To celebrate the Emerald Isle's great holiday and celebration of the Irish we've added a new Guided Poetry Tour on Irish Poetry as well as a number of new Irish poets. [Full Story]
Permanant Link 17 Mar 2005 5:45 AM] Go

Text Educated

Curly Quotes We've educated the poem texts by changing all of the quotation marks and apostrophes to "smart" (or curly) quotes. [Full Story]
Permanant Link 14 Mar 2005 5:48 AM] Go


Poetry X Guide to Poems about Abraham Lincoln In honour of President's Day (U.S. holiday) we've added a Guided Poetry Tour for poems by and about Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. [Full Story]
Permanant Link 21 Feb 2005 8:23 AM] Go

Love Poems

Poetry X Guide to Love Poems
To celebrate Valentine's Day we've added a new Guided Poetry Tour about Love Poetry.

This tour contains poems about love, poems
to a loved one, poems about a loved one, romantic fancies, sexual overtures, valentines, heartbreak poems, and poems of parting, or of being separated from one's lover. [Full Story]
Permanant Link 14 Feb 2005 8:21 AM] Go

Poems to Memorize and Recite

How to Memorize a Poem For tips on poems to memorize, or poems to recite for recitations and forensics meets, we've added three new articles to address the subject of memorizing and reciting poetry. [Full Story]
Permanant Link 10 Feb 2005 6:49 AM] Go

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