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How to Succeed in School (Without Really Trying)

How to Succeed in School (Without Really Trying) In the second of four back-to-school how-to articles, Jough Dempsey offers advice about how to take a “Two Week Push” and coast through the rest of the school year, while staying ahead in your classwork and getting good grades. [Full Story]
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Poetry X Radio - New Weekly Podcast

Poetry X Radio Podcasts By popular requests, Poetry X now offers a podcast via Poetry X Radio, our new weekly podcast featuring news, interviews, reviews, blues, a weekly poem, and a lot of me babbling nervously over some free music loops. Full story includes links to download or subscribe. Feedback is appreciated. [Full Story]
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How to Win at Poetry Workshops: A Survival Guide

How to Win at Poetry Workshops In the first of four new “Back to School” articles, Jough Dempsey takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some guerilla poetry workshop survival tips to get the most bang for your proverbial buck. Crush your enemies; amaze your friends! [Full Story]
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Poetry X Now Brought to you by Word Front LLC (and the number 9)

Word Front LLC Poetry X is now owned and operated by the new Word Front LLC. Rest assured that we haven't gone corporate, nor have we sold out - the site will only continue to improve and grow, and the management won't be changing.

FAQs in the full news link. [Full Story]
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New Orleans

Make a Donation to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Poetry X is deeply saddened by the losses of those in the American Gulf Coast area due to hurricane Katrina. It's hard to believe that New Orleans, at least as we knew it, is gone.

At first we weren't going to post anything about it and just keep our news focused on poetry and the site, but after seeing how poorly evacuation and rescue has been handled maybe each of us can make a difference. Every little bit helps.

To that end, we are encouraging our visitors to donate even a small sum to the American Red Cross Katrina Relief efforts, and we at Poetry X will be donating our advertising revenue this month to help support those who have been displaced by the storm.

NOTE: Some readers have questioned our Amazon Associate's ID in the link here - please be assured that we are in no way profiting from your donations, and only included our unique ID as a way of tracking how much Poetry X visitors have donated so we could possibly match donations given by our readership (which may not be possible, considering how generous our readers can be). [Full Story]
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